Inkless Wipes Print-4 Easy Steps

How to take your Hand/Foot or Pawprints, please follow these 4 simple steps and also refer to our written instructions below which you will be sent with your kit.

  1. Ensure that hand/foot/paw is clean.
  2. Place the ‘magic’ paper on a solid flat surface, ensuring that the shiny side is facing upwards.
  3. Using the non toxic wipe provided, wipe the hand/foot/paw thoroughly, ensuring you get in to all of the creases. The more you wipe the area the better print you will get. Pet owners may need to trim some fur around thr pads to get a clear print.
  4. Hold the hand/foot/paw down on the paper, firmly, pressing each finger/toe down individually if you can, and keep in this postion for a minutes if possible. At this stage do not worry about smudges as we can remove these, it is more important that you get each digit pressed down.
  5. Gently lift the hand/foot/paw away from the paper.
  6. Repeat if you feel the print isn’t strong/black enough, straight away, as the wipe will start to dry out.
  7. Mark the childs/pets name next to the print.
  8. Return to Fiona at the address below.