3D castings

Here at My Forever Sweet Pea’s we create unique 3D castings of your baby, child/ren, family or loved ones.

3D castings can be finished in a number of effects and colours including, natural, gold, sliver,bronze, pearl, baby blue or pink.

They can be framed with a photo of your loved one or kept free standing for all to admire.

See full details including prices and how to book an appointment below.


We use a quick and safe method, using alginate which is a natural moulding compound made from seaweed and use by dentists to make impressions. The process only takes a few moments so will not distress your baby or child ( Please note however, family/ group castings will take longer but are not harmful or painful)

With a 3D casting we can capture every detail of your loved one/s precious hands and/or feet. Placed inside a frame of your choice, freestanding or mounted on a mirror or slate tile, they truly do look amazing.

We can  cast your whole groups together holding hands, a parent and child holding hand, or any number of combinations..please feel free to discuss any design ideas you may have.

Baby (0-1yr) hands or feet start from £65 (Mounted)

Baby (0-1yr) hands & feet £85 (Mounted)

Child (1-14yrs) hands or feet start from £75 (Mounted)

Child (1-14yrs) hands & feet £95 (Mounted)

Parent and child holding hands start from  £145 (Mounted)

Adults holding hands start from £165 (Mounted)

Family/group castings prices on consultation… depending on group size and ages

To have Baby or Child Castings Framed will cost an additional £10

Appointments can be made by contacting Fiona on Tel.07891710974 or emailing fiona@myforeversweetpeas.co.uk .

All home visits are free within a 20 mile radius of EX38 or a £5 fuel charge for each 10 miles outside this distance will be added to your Casting price.

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