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A tough week- looking forward now

So it’s been a tough week..but we have done a few team ( me and the kids) building activities… and re- grouped …with a trip to Pizza Hut buffet, played games at dinner time( my aunty Mable went to the shops and brought …apples, a baguette,a sausage…..) and played a game of Monopoly!!
And had a real good family laugh!! …My Forever Sweetpea’s… you mean everything to me and always will 💖

Now I’m ready to focus on getting ready for the North Devon Show which is on Wednesday 2nd August

Keep your eyes on your road, keep going forward,
Keep your direction
and you’ll get there !!! 💜❤️ Hugs Fi.xx

Barnstaple Pannier market on Thursdays

Hi everyone, its the middle of the week, yay..just a reminder that My Forever Sweetpea’s will be in Barnstaple Pannier Market tomorrow for the craft day.We have a range of lovely keepsake jewellery, including fingerprint, hand and foot print charms, keyring and cufflinks.We also specialise in 3D Casting which is a beautiful way to capture… Continue Reading